Monday, May 18, 2009

An announcement and a prayer request... or two

We have a lot going on right now. Having the house on the market is a full time job. I have it "show" ready by 9:00 in the morning and then each time we leave the house throughout the day, I have to make sure everything is perfect in case someone comes by while we are out. So far, the response to our house has been good. We've had a showing or two almost every single day and we even got an offer. But, the couple changed their minds because our house is a little too far out from the city for them. Still, I see it as a good sign.

The decision and the preparation to sell our house all went very fast. But, we prayed about it and felt confident that this is the path that God is leading us down at this time. There were so many reasons to sell now rather than a year or two from now. One of those reasons was that I wasn't pregnant yet. So, I bet you now know what the announcement is that I referred to in the title. Yep, I'm pregnant! We found out a little over a week ago, one day before we put the house on the market. We are very excited about this baby!

But, I'm also rather scared. I've mentioned before that in my last pregnancy I got very sick. As in about as sick as it is possible to get. I was so sick that I was unable to function in any capacity.

Yesterday the first twinges of nausea began. If it progresses like last time, it will continue to get worse everyday until it gets completely unbearable in about two weeks. My one hope lies in the fact that this time we will be able to afford the expensive nausea medication. I so hope it works! With Gustin we could only afford the cheap medication and it only helped minimally.

So, will you please pray for me, my health and the health of the baby? Also, please pray that we sell this house very quickly. I don't know how much longer I will be able to keep up with the work involved with having the house on the market. Also, Eric and I are supposed to do a talk for a married couples group at church a week from this Friday. The thought of speaking terrifies me but I also really want to do this talk (we'll be relating the story of Eric's conversion and how it affected our relationship with each other, God and our marriage). Please pray that I am well enough to speak.

Thank you in advance for your prayers,


Christine said...

Lots of prayers going up for you. I'll offer up all the fun braxton hicks for your pregnancy. ;)

Shannon said...

First of all Colleen, I was SO VERY HAPPY to see your post just now. I do think of you often. I have looked at your picture online too. You are so talented, dear Colleen! Wow!! Someday I'll hire you to take pics of my kiddos (that is after I meet a man, get married, etc).

Secondly, I am SO happy about this pregnancy. I've been wondering if you were going to have this announcement. What suffering you endure for you little ones. I will petition St. Gianna for comfort and good health for you and your baby. She suffered during pregnancy too!

Go as slow as you can, Colleen, as slow as your hectic schedule allows.

St. Joseph (for the house) and St. Gianna (for you and baby) here I come!

Colleen said...

Christine & Shannon,

Thank you so much for your kind words & prayers! I really appreciate your support right now. All that is going on seems like more than I can handle right now, but it just reminds me all the more to give it over to God since I know I can't do it all.

And, thanks for the reminder about St. Gianna. I've been asking (more like begging!) St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother for their intercession, I don't know why I didn't think of St. Gianna. I think she will be hearing a lot from me in the coming weeks and months!

Jill said...

Ahhhhhh!!! YAY YAY YAY!!
Great news, Colleen!!
Can't wait to follow you through this journey with your new little life.
What medication did you take? With the boys I took Zofran briefly, but that actually had adverse side effects that outweighed the sickness. I got so weak that I couldn't even lift Aslynn up...among other things...So, I only took it a couple of times.
Anyway, I will pray that the sickness doesn't keep you down too long.
Oddly, My first three (two pregnancies) made me really sick, but little Henry did not make me sick. So, there's a chance this pregnancy could be different...
(Sorry, you probably want to slap me for giving you any false hope!)

Anyway, wow. What things you have going on in life.
My prayers will be many.

Colleen said...


I took phenergan with Gustin, it made me horribly sleepy but I was so desperate for any relief and I continued taking it. I was hoping to be able to take Zofran this time around, but I didn't realize that it had such side effects. Ugh!

I'm shocked to hear that your third pregnancy was better than your previous two. I just assumed that as I got older it would continue to get worse. I had no nausea at all with Jonathan, was fairly sick with Elizabeth and I've already related what it was like with Gustin. I keep hoping that this time around would be better than the last, but I really thought it was just a pipe dream. I really appreciate the hope you gave me, even if it doesn't pan out in the long run. This horrible anticipation of getting sick is miserable!

Jill said...

Oops. I shouldn't have said anything about the side effects. Or I should have mentioned that I am an absolute weirdo when it comes to having side effects. I get the weird effect or the opposite effect...I am sure nobody has ever had that same effect. So, I wouldn't worry. :)

Yeah, I think it's just true what they say- each pregnancy is different. I actually tell Henry thank you now and again for not making me sick. :)
Of course, my theory is that twins or a girl must make me sick. A single boy doesn't. Which is why I 'knew' Henry was one boy.
He made me hungry and fat, though. :)

It will be interesting to see how it goes. I know what you mean, though, about bracing for the sickness. I was actually certain that something was wrong with him-or me- as the weeks went by without feeling sick. (I did have mild nausea and some food aversions, but nothing like the others.)

Wow. Exciting. Boy do I love baby news!

Jody said...

Congrats, Colleen! I've just been waiting for this news...what a blessing. I'll keep you in my prayers. Especially with the neausea. I know how horrible it can be. My second pregnancy was the worst. I could just think of something gross and I would vomit. I didn't want to move and was sick 24/7 for six/seven weeks. Third pregnancy was not as bad (and they were both boys).
I would love to hear the talk that you are giving on Friday. Someday maybe you could post it.
Take care.

Colleen said...

Jody -

I've been meaning to post about the story of Eric's conversion. I do plan on doing it one day when I have some time to devote to writing it our properly. It would probably make for a very long post!

Thanks for you prayers! Knowing that you, too, had an easier pregnancy after a really tough one is giving me some hope!

Steven said...
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Blair said...

okay trying again from my own screen name!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Praying for all your intentions, especially for the house to sell quick and for no nausea!