Thursday, June 25, 2009

We're moving in four days...

... and the house is maybe 35% packed. Eric says were at least 50% done but I think that is being very generous. And, about two days ago my nausea stopped almost completely. Praise the Lord! Now it's time to really get to work.

Next time I post it will be from our new house. Yippee!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good news

I had a follow up ultrasound today and everything looked perfectly normal! No more bleeding behind the placenta and Button looks like every baby at this stage, basically like a large gummy bear.

Thank you all so much for your prayers! It's such a blessing to have such great bloggy friends!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Too quiet around here

The kids are at their grandparents house this week - all three of them. I've been getting a lot of things done this week: packing, birthday present and maternity clothes shopping, errand running, etc. Eric and I even went out on a couple of dates and caught a movie (Star Trek, I thought it was awesome!). It's been a really nice break and very relaxing.

But, it is way to quiet around here! I really miss my kiddos, especially Gustin. It's so much harder to separate from the little ones. But, very uncharacteristically, the kids have actually been talking to us on the phone when we call, which helps, and I'm going to pick them up tomorrow. I really can't wait to have them back home!

So, we have one more night of freedom tonight. Eric and I have big plans, which will probably include falling asleep in front of the television while watching the basketball playoff game. We sure know how to live it up!

Friday, June 5, 2009

On diapers and duct tape

Gustin does not like to keep his diaper on. He's very adept at removing his clothes and then his diaper and running through the house naked. It's been an ongoing battle for months now.

At first I thought he might be ready to potty train. So, every time he pulled off his diaper, I'd sit him on the pot and encourage him to go. He'd happily sit there, not go and then hop off, happily flush the toilet and go streaking through the house again. We've tried this over and over again, but he could just care less about potty training. He just wants to run around all day in the buff.

But, the accidents have become a problem, especially on our brand new carpet. I've changed my methods now and instead of focusing on encouraging potty training, I'm doing my best to get his diaper back on him as quickly as possible to avoid accidents.

Gustin is a very sneaky and persistent little guy, though. He will not give up! And, he's added a new feature to his shenanigans. Every night after we put him to bed, he pulls off his pajamas and his diaper and ends up falling asleep with a bare bottom. So, when he wakes up in the morning he and his sheets are soaked. Desperate to end this cycle, Eric taped Gustin's diaper on him last night with that blue painters tape. I think he went around the entire diaper with tape at least two or three times. This morning when I went to get Gustin, there was no sign of his diaper, he was again naked and the sheets were drenched.

Tonight I think we'll pull out the big guns. We're going for the duct tape. I may have to cut his diaper off of him in the morning, but I'm determined to keep his diaper on him through the night!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An update

We are still very busy around here. We have a contract on a new house (that I love!) and have been doing inspections, etc and we're starting to pack for the move at the end of the month. This entire house selling/buying process has gone so smoothly that I know God's hand must be in it. I am continuously amazed at how perfectly everything is working out. We are so thankful for everyone who has been praying for us!

I had another OB appointment yesterday with an ultrasound. I guess an early ultrasound is standard practice these days. Button looks healthy but something did show up on the ultrasound. There was some bleeding behind the placenta. My doctor said it is common and usually is not a problem but it could also be a sign of a threatened miscarriage. I'm supposed to go back for another ultrasound in two weeks and I'm supposed to take it easy in the mean time.

I know I've asked for a lot of prayers lately, but would you please continue to pray for Button and for a healthy pregnancy? I'm trying not to worry about it and leave it all in God's hands, but it's hard.

On the nausea front, I've actually been feeling a little better the last couple of days. Normally that would be very exciting, but with the threat of a miscarriage, it makes me wonder if it's a sign that something is going wrong. My pregnancy symptoms are not gone (which I know would be a bad sign) but the nausea is less. Is it possible for morning sickness to go away before the 12 week mark (I'm at 8 1/2 weeks now)? In my last two pregnancies, morning sickness lasted until 19 and 22 weeks, respectively. Of course, it was much more severe during those pregnancies as well.

If anyone could share stories of their own personal experiences with morning sickness, I would appreciate it. I just want to know that what I'm feeling is normal!

Thank you!