Friday, June 5, 2009

On diapers and duct tape

Gustin does not like to keep his diaper on. He's very adept at removing his clothes and then his diaper and running through the house naked. It's been an ongoing battle for months now.

At first I thought he might be ready to potty train. So, every time he pulled off his diaper, I'd sit him on the pot and encourage him to go. He'd happily sit there, not go and then hop off, happily flush the toilet and go streaking through the house again. We've tried this over and over again, but he could just care less about potty training. He just wants to run around all day in the buff.

But, the accidents have become a problem, especially on our brand new carpet. I've changed my methods now and instead of focusing on encouraging potty training, I'm doing my best to get his diaper back on him as quickly as possible to avoid accidents.

Gustin is a very sneaky and persistent little guy, though. He will not give up! And, he's added a new feature to his shenanigans. Every night after we put him to bed, he pulls off his pajamas and his diaper and ends up falling asleep with a bare bottom. So, when he wakes up in the morning he and his sheets are soaked. Desperate to end this cycle, Eric taped Gustin's diaper on him last night with that blue painters tape. I think he went around the entire diaper with tape at least two or three times. This morning when I went to get Gustin, there was no sign of his diaper, he was again naked and the sheets were drenched.

Tonight I think we'll pull out the big guns. We're going for the duct tape. I may have to cut his diaper off of him in the morning, but I'm determined to keep his diaper on him through the night!


Lillian said...


Poor Colleen!! Poor Gustin! Is the duct tape for his diaper or his hands?!? LOL!

Sophia used to do the same thing. I use to put her pajamas on backwards. They were the one piece long johns with zipper. I figured if she couldn't take off her pajamas, she couldn't get to her diaper. But since she knew how to work zippers and buttons, we had to put it on backwards (or inside out).

Good luck! I feel for you, even though I'm over here laughing! ;-)

Jody said...

Oh, yay we had to duct tape Ethan's diaper on him too, because he wouldn't keep it on when he was about that age! So far we haven't had to do that with Asher.

Hope all is well with you and Button. I said a little prayer for you last night while I was at adoration.

Colleen said...

Thanks, Jody! I really appreciate your prayers!

Shannon said...

haha! oh my goodness! this is to funny.
OH, and i want you to know I AM praying for you.