Monday, March 22, 2010

Memorable quotes

Elizabeth: I know the name of a state with a bad word in it
Me: (surprised) You do? (apprehensively) What is it?
Elizabeth: Haiti. Get it? (whispering but with great emphasis) Huh-ATE-ee. It's the word hate with a "y" on the end (nodding sagely).

We were at my in-laws for a few days last week. My father-in-law owns a construction company so he left around 7:00 am one morning to go check on the house his crew was building. He came back about an hour and a half later just as the rest of us were beginning to dive into some pancakes. Gustin looked up from his stack with syrup dripping from his chin and his eyes wide in surprise and said, "Paw, are you finished building the house already?" My mother-in-law laughed so hard she about spewed her mouthful of pancakes all over the kitchen!


"It sure is nice to have a baby around the house again." - my wonderful, darling husband


Jill said...

All cute quotes, but love that last one the best!

Anonymous said...

Haha, too cute.

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