Friday, October 29, 2010

You go, dude!

Eric is the den leader for Jonathan's cub scout den. They begin every den meeting appropriately with the pledge and a short prayer. Now that the boys are a little older, Eric has been letting a boy lead with a prayer of his choice, traditional or spontaneous. It's very cute to hear what 8 year old boys come up with when they choose to do spontaneous prayer.

After a very scientific selection process (eeny meeny miny moe), Jonathan was chosen to lead the prayer at a recent meeting. He solemnly walked up to the front of the room and began -

"I believe in God the Father Almighty..."

Yes, he chose the Apostles' Creed! That little rascal (No, actually a rather big rascal these days. He's growing like a weed!) never ceases to amaze me!

But, don't think this is proof of some deep level of piety in my child. He just wanted to show off by saying the longest prayer he could think of!

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