Sunday, March 4, 2012

Instagraming and potty training

Do you instagram?

I downloaded the free app on my iPhone about a year ago, but have only really started using it over the last few weeks. I've been trying to make myself take more pictures again and the handiness of my iPhone makes it a perfect fit. I can't take my DSLR everywhere but I always have my phone with me and it's fun to play with all the different filters that instagram provides.

One thing I noticed about my instagram pics is that the are heavily weighted with Clara pictures. As evidence I submit the following:

Clara instragram

But my current favorite is the picture of my newly potty training two-year-old. Her (newly potty trained) big brother is taking his potty-training-teaching job very seriously and he's getting results!

2012 03 04_8715

On to my photographically neglected older children. I scoured my phone and came up with a couple of Gustin.

Here he is at gymnastics:

2012 02 29_8565

And here he is showing off the reward he earned for finally being potty trained! Yay!!

2012 03 02_8674

By the way, doesn't he have a sweet smile?

I don't have a single instagram photo of Elizabeth (I really need to fix that!) and only one of Jonathan. This next pic was taken at Jonathan's Cub Scouts awards banquet. Some very special guests arrived who helped hand out the badges and awards.

2012 03 02_8675

These guys made quite the entrance. The Star Wars Darth Vader theme was playing and they marched in in an extremely menacing way. It was very intimidating! Poor Clara did not like them at all and sobbed every time they were near and every other child there under the age of 3 was in tears. So sad. But, the scouts absolutely loved it. One of the boys got a storm trooper's autograph. It was signed XT-8475. Too funny!

I have one more photo to share that is not from instagram (but with a rollover). Here is Gustin showing off his new Lego plane that he spent half the morning building all by himself:

I'm so proud of him!

P.S. You can find me on instagram as simplycolleen.


Jill said...

I think I'm following you in Instagram. I just got my phone and hardly know how to use it (I didn't even know how to shut it off and it rang during Kindergarten round-up and I had to fling it to Sara and get her to shut it off for me!).
Anyway, Paul got me the Instagram app and I've taken a few photos. It had a search button and you came up so I think I'm a follower. I'll have to check into it more.

It is still mind-boggling to me to see how you remove an entire street sign with editing! In my recent photo of Aslynn taking a photo of Henry I had to heavily crop it (you could probably tell) to get rid of some junk in the background. Can't wait to be able to cut out the junk!

Hey- drop me a line sometime if you have time and let me know about night training. My first three kids night trained automatically when they potty trained. None of them ever wet the bed to this day.
However, Henry easily potty trained but then didn't automatically night train. So, he is still wearing a pull-up to bed and we haven't a clue how to go about night training. Do you wake them up? Not let them drink past a certain time? Let them feel the sensation of peeing the bed and not in the comfort of a pull-up?

Ok, hope you are having a great weekend!

Colleen said...

I saw you on instagram so I'm following you back!

As for the night training, we haven't had a whole lot of difficulty with that. Gustin was wetting the bed for awhile (we generally don't use pull-ups, don't know why, I guess I just don't think of them). We focused on getting him to go to the bathroom right before bed, but that's about it. It took a couple of months for him to stop, though he does occasionally wet the bed still. But, we've never had any serious night time issues. Though I have heard plenty of stories of kids wetting the bed up to the age of 10 or 11. Hopefully that won't be the case for Henry!

bobbi @ revolution of love said...

I haven't used my Instagram much. I need to get back to it!