Tuesday, January 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 3)

Jen at Conversion Diary is hosting 7 Quick Takes Friday. Make sure you go and check it out!


This post was supposed to be for last Friday's 7 Quick Takes. It's taken me over a week to finish it (I started on January 5th!). So, just pretend it is Friday, January 9th and it will all make sense.


Jonathan was back in school this week after the Christmas break. We got up early Monday morning and I stumbled through the morning routine. My how quickly our bodies forget how to wake up before dawn! Eric took Jonathan to school, as usual, and about 20 minutes after they left I got a call from him.

"Are you sure Jonathan has school today?"

"Yes. Why?"

"Well, no one is here."

Oops. My bad. School didn't actually start until Tuesday.


Since Jonathan didn't have school on Monday, I had all three kids with me for my weekly grocery store trip, and things went pretty well. Jonathan helped me retrieve things from my list and Elizabeth and Gustin sat fairly contently in the cart.

At the end when we were checking out I noticed an older lady waving to me and rushing our way.

"There's a baby with no shoes!" she exclaimed breathlessly. "I bet these are his."

And, in her hands she held Gustin's shoes.

"I found these all the way over there," she said, indicating the far corner of the store.

What a sweetheart! She found the shoes on the floor and then searched the entire store until she found who they belonged to. I never even realized that they weren't on Gustin's feet! I must have a grocery store guardian angel. Doesn't it just make your day when you are the beneficiary of an unexpected kindness from a stranger?

Note to self: Never again buy velcro tennis shoes for a one year old. They are easy to put on, but are also way too easy to take off.


Eric worked late several days this past week. And I mean really late. Like he crawled in bed long after I went to sleep. And, you know what. I didn't whine about it. Not even once. I'm making progress!


Gustin got this cool new tricycle for Christmas. What he doesn't know, though, is that it was really a gift for me. With the cool handle, I don't have to bend over to push him around on his trike. I can even steer it by turning my handles. Isn't that cool!?! It absolutely rocks! No more back aches for me!


I received my first pair of capri pants over Christmas. I'm probably the only mom in the world to have never owned a pair.

I have to admit, I've never really understood capri pants. I'm a shorts girl. I'm most comfortable in them. At least when it's hot I am, which is about 9 months out of the year around here. If I'm not wearing shorts it's probably because a) it's cold or b) I haven't shaved my legs. In either case, I want my legs completely covered and capris just don't do that.

So, what do I think of my first pair? Well, I had to shave my legs to wear them and it's January so the bottom half of my legs were cold. I'll have to revisit them in the summer time and see if I like them any better.


I love my reusable grocery store sacks! I finally bought some and they function so much better than the plastic bags. They can fit about 15 plastic bags worth of groceries in 5 of the reusable ones, they're easier to carry, they don't rip and I don't end of with gobs of plastic bags all over my house. There is just one hiccup, though: remembering to take the reusable bags into the store with me in the first place. So far, I remember only about 20% of the time. Someone needs to invent a device that automatically beams the bags from my house to the grocery store because relying on my fuzzy mommy brain just isn't working.

Done! Whew, I did it! Hopefully, my next 7 Quick Takes will be a little more prompt!


Jill said...

That's kind of funny about going to school on the wrong day. Not at the time, I'm sure. :)

So, I had to tell you that Henry finally slept through the night after almost 17 months! I was shocked. I'm afraid to even talk about for fear that he might stop doing it. He's done it for three nights now. But, of course, one night I woke up coughing, one night Aslynn woke up with a nightmare and was in our bed, and the next night Bennett woke up coughing. But, hey! It's looking hopeful anyway. :) You were always my partner in sleep deprivation. :) I don't know why he decided to do such a crazy thing. The only thing different is that the boys were playing with his monitor and turned on the 'night light' feature which I forgot to turn off. So, now I make sure that thing is on. It's like the magic sleep light now! Hee hee! :)

Ok, hope you are having a great week.

Tracy said...

nice post Colleen!!