Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small Successes Vol. 2

1. Well, I haven't actually completed this success yet, but it's on the to-do list today and will definitely happen. I'm going to buy Gustin his first set of underwear. We're going to give potty training one good go before the baby comes. If it doesn't happen, no big deal. But, he'll probably be three years old before we try again!

2. I've been fighting a cold this week and when I've been feeling particularly exhausted, I've stopped what I've been doing and sat and put my feet up without feeling guilty about it.

3. I bought a few simple, organizational items for the house this week. They are nothing particularly exciting, but now my bathroom cleaning products and Elizabeth's dress up clothes have a place where they belong and it feels so good!

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Colleen said...

Saw your name and had to click on the link! Love your list. Hope you feel better! Good for you taking a rest and not feeling guilty!

Farmer's City Wife said...

Isn't it nice to have a place to put things? It's hard to put them away if the don't have a place to go. Congrats!!

Jill said...

It will be interesting to hear how the potty training goes! We are probably holding off on Henry until after we get back to the US (when he is just about three) to avoid having to haul him to bathrooms all over European airports and airplanes. :)

I enjoy reading your small successes, although they usually all sound like big successes to me! Sadly, my small success would be getting the four kids out the door in the morning without yelling. Gotta work on that one!