Monday, December 7, 2009

The great snow event of 2009

Last Friday was the earliest snowfall in the Houston area in recorded history and also the first time that there has been snowfall two years in a row. This snow event was greatly anticipated around here and I felt all giddy when the first flakes began to fall Friday morning.

"See, Mama. There's snow...right...there!"

We had light flurries off and on all day and then just as the kids got out of school we had about 45 minutes of real snowfall. So much fun!

This is his "I'm too cool for the camera" face.

Look at those nice, straight permanent teeth with no underbite! He just got his top expander out.

Enough accumulated in that 45 minutes for the kids to each make a small snowball and by about an hour later, all of it had melted.

See the little ledge on the fence. That's about the only spot where snow accumulated.

Snow, thanks for coming for a short visit. You sure were fun while you lasted!


Jill said...

What fun! We still haven't got any snow here yet. Texas beat us?! :) Great photos.

Jody said...

We are supposed to get 7 to 10 inches between today and tomorrow!