Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photography tip: Get low

There is one photography tip that I would give any new mom (or aunt or godmother) photographer who wants to be able to take some better shots of her kids (or nieces/nephews or godchildren) that is very simple to explain and the results are instantaneous better pictures, regardless of the type of camera being used.

Here it is: Get low. Like, eye level low, when you photograph kids (or grown-ups, too, for that matter).

If your subject is a standing (or running), growing-like-a-weed 9-year-old boy, bend your knees a bit.

2011 06 04_4511_edited-1

If your subject is a standing 6-year-old girl, you'll have to do a kind of deep-knee bend.

Slipping away...


If your subject is a one-year-old sitting on her Daddy's lap, you'll have to do a squat -- the kind that makes your thighs burn after shooting for a few minutes.

Daddy's Lap

If your subject is a one-year-old standing in the ocean shallows, you'll have to do a deep squat; and, yes, your bum may get unexpectedly wet.

Hold on!

The same goes for a the crazy kids zooming around the house on a plasma car. But, if your bum gets wet while you're shooting in the house, you've got bigger problems than I can help you with.

Week 21: Need for Speed

If your subject is the cute bottom of a standing baby or a little one crawling on the floor, you'll have to get really, really low. Sometimes I squat or kneel and then lean over to the side and get my camera as low to the ground as I can go. Other times I'll lay flat on my belly.

Itty bitty jeans

If I squat and lean or lay down typically depends on the what type of surface I'm dealing with (tile, concrete, grass, dirt, wet sand) and how much extra laundry I'm willing to do.

This is a belly shot (for both of us):

2010 08 26_8577_edited-1

Give it a try. Focus on always shooting at your subject's eye level.

Whether you're photographing a nose-crinkling, tongue-wagging, rubber-band wrist, thigh-roly-poly, swinging baby...

Thigh rolls, knuckle dimples, crinkled nose and wagging tongue. Yep, this picture makes me smile!

Or a couple of cub scouts catching grasshoppers...

2010 10 12_9394_edited-2

Get low and at eye-level, even if those eyes aren't actually looking at the camera.

2010 08 09_8364_edited-1

2010 07 04_7410_edited-1

2010 10 17_9533_edited-1

Your photos will go from snapshots, to true photographs, in no time.

The girl

Happy shooting!

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