Friday, November 11, 2011

This little girl...

2011 11 02_7158_edited-1

She's quite a little stinker. She's almost two, you know.

2011 11 02_7146_edited-1

It's practically impossible to get a good picture of her anymore. For one, she's always on the move.

2011 11 02_7196_edited-1

She's got big brothers and a big sister, you see, and she has to prove that she can do everything they can do.

2011 11 02_7151_edited-1

Including cartwheels.

2011 11 02_7153_edited-1

And, she moves so fast now!

2011 11 02_7157_edited-1

Neither me nor my autofocus can keep up!

2011 11 02_7160_edited-1

Besides, she knows all my tricks to get her to look at the camera and smile. And, she's not buying it anymore.

2011 11 02_7161_edited-1

2011 11 02_7145_edited-1

My hard drive is cluttered with these goofy faces. Though I really don't mind.

2011 11 02_7154_edited-1

2011 11 02_7170_edited-1

What's not to love about this little face?

2011 11 02_7155_edited-1

Photography tip of the day: Don't wait for the perfect smile. Shoot the imperfect ones, too.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

she can't be two! she just can't!!! so good to "see" you Colleen... i think about you!!!