Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Relaxed holidays with family.

The rocking horse

Beautiful weather and lots of playing outside.


Tree swings.

2011 11 26_7472_edited-1

Inside-out and backwards Aggie jerseys on 4 year olds.

2011 11 26_7434_edited-1

Cousins swinging together.

2011 11 26_7398_edited-1

Sun flare.

Swinging with flare

Getting things completed on my Christmas to-do list. Christmas cards ordered? Check!

2011 11 26_7585_edited-1

Pictures my kids take.

2011 11 26_7510_edited-1
Jonathan's fire

2011 11 26_7652_edited-1
Elizabeth's shadow

Little girls twirling their dresses.

2011 11 15_7350_edited-1

My goodness! I have a very blessed life!

What things are you loving on this Thursday?

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