Friday, January 13, 2012

Looking for inspiration

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I've been in a photography slump for months now. Weeks will pass without me even looking my camera's direction. I think it scowled at me when I actually glanced it's way yesterday.

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I think I've identified a few reasons for this slump. It's wintertime now and wintertime in Texas just isn't all that pretty. We get very little fall color, no snow, and in general things are just brown and dead. I love to photograph beautiful things and winter in Texas is not beautiful.

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I also have my hands full. I'm so involved with making sure everyone has their jackets and shoes and sippy cups and I better not forget my purse or phone or the diaper bag and by the time all that is said and done, my camera bag gets left behind.

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And, I might as well fess up--I'm a complete cold wimp. I don't like being cold and I don't like going outside when the temperatures drop below 60. Pathetic, but true.

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But, one thing about this time of year does inspire me to pull out my camera and that is the prolonged, soft late afternoon light (along with a couple of cute sisters playing so sweetly together). Since the sun is much lower on the horizon this time of year, the light is not so harsh and it creates perfect photographic conditions. The solar sweet spot lasts for hours in the afternoon and allows for beautiful back-lit photos. Of course, I only take advantage of that light when the temperatures are warm (silly girl!), as they were when I took these photos over New Year's weekend.

2012 01 07_8097_edited-1

My camera and I thank you, Lord, for the blessing of a bit of warm sunshine on a lovely winter day.

2012 01 07_8101_edited-1

Note to self: No more excuses! Take that camera out and capture more of these sweet moments with your kids before they pass you by!

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Mellodee said...

I am from Chicago. Winter is Chicago is why I now live in Texas. Winter in Texas is still winter! I prefer to stay inside once it goes below 70! So who's pathetic, huh?? LOL!

Kids playing in leaves always make for fun photos. Nice job!