Monday, February 20, 2012

Guessing game

Can you identify this flower?

2012 02 20_8449_edited-1

I'll give you a few hints. The bees love it. They buzzed around constantly while I snapped these photos this morning.

2012 02 20_8463_edited-1

This plant grows in cooler months and is gone long before the intense heat of summer.

2012 02 20_8452_edited-1

It's very accessible. I took these pictures in my back yard. You can also find them, in bud form harvested well before bloom, in your grocer's produce section.

2012 02 20_8456_edited-1

Any ideas?

2012 02 20_8465_edited-1

Find the answer in the comments!


Colleen said...

It's broccoli! We got a bit lax in harvesting and all the heads started to bloom!

Jill said...

Never would have guessed!
Gorgeous photos. I love that second to the last one where you can see the bee's wings flapping!

I'm spoiled now. I was hovering over trying to see rollovers. :)