Friday, February 17, 2012

What blogger do you want to be when you grow up?

Do you ever think to yourself: When I (figuratively in a bloggish way) grow up I want to be a blogger like (insert name of awesome blogger here)?

There are many big name bloggers that I admire.

I adore Kelle Hampton's photography. I'm learning so much from her about composition and focal length choice and I just can't get enough of her precious little Nella. Her pictures alone show the great value and dignity of children with Down's syndrome. She has a remarkable ability to embrace the beauty in everyday life.

Everyone loves Margaret in Minnesota. Her humor and absolute honesty draw me back to her blog time and time again.

Betty Duffy and Simcha Fisher's writing regularly blows me away. These women have more intelligence, wisdom and wit in their little finger than I can ever hope to aspire to. I never miss anything these women write.

And then there's Jen Fulwiler. Oh my goodness. This cradle Catholic has learned so much from this former atheist. What a blessing she is to the Church.

But, as a blogger, I hope to one day be like... Karen Edmisten. She seems so down to earth, yet also wise, so intelligent, yet also accessible. She has such a beautiful writing style. Any book she recommends I know I will love; and, I hope to one day have relationships with my children that are as deep and meaningful as the relationships she has with her equally intelligent and witty daughters.

So, what blogger do you aspire to be?


Christine said...

I think I'd pick Melissa Wiley. But Simcha is another one I love too.

Colleen said...

I don't think I've read Melissa Wiley's blog though I know I have heard of her for years. I going to go check it out!

Karen Edmisten said...

Can I just say ... [sputter, sputter] ... wow. Thanks! :) What kind words! But, as soon as you read Lissa, I'll be yesterday's toast. She's terrific (and I'm godmother to her little Huck)! You'll adore her!

Colleen said...

Wow, thanks Karen. It's very exciting to have a comment from my favorite blogger on my blog!

bobbi @ revolution of love said...

Half of these ladies are already favorites but I'm eager to check out the names I'm unfamiliar with. Thanks for posting! :-)