Monday, September 10, 2007

Day 3 is done!

We made it through day 3 of Eric's overseas trip. And, so far it has gone very well! I've had plenty of challenges (fussy infants, more bad dreams, overflowing diapers during mass, etc.), but I am handling them better than I expected. The last month has been really tough emotionally for me, as I mentioned before, but this week, even without Eric's help, I've been feeling really good. I know it is through the grace of God and because of the people praying for me that I have been blessed with this additional mental/emotional fortitude. Thank you so much to anyone who offered up even a small prayer for me! I'm so thankful to be a part of the amazing Mystical Body of Christ!

P.S. I'm offering up prayers and sacrifices this week for you other mommies who persevere through times without your husbands at home. I've also been thinking about and praying for women who are widowed or who have husbands who are overseas in the military. God bless you all!


C. Mitchell said...

We've got you in our prayers. I know time without a hubby around is tough. Hang in there!

Emily said...

oops.... that was my husband's gmail account I commented under. He doesn't know much about time without a hubby;).... LOL!