Monday, September 17, 2007

Elizabeth is not a girly girl

Elizabeth sees me carrying the baby quickly back to his room, making a bee line for the changing table. I'm holding Gustin away from me and I'm sure that I was saying things along the lines of "Eeew" and "Oh, my goodness!". Elizabeth's curiousity is peaked. She comes running after me in haste.

Elizabeth: Mommy, did he poop?

Me: Yes, he did, Sweetie.

Elizabeth: Did it leak?

Me: (grabbing the sixteenth wipe of the diaper change) Uh huh.

Elizabeth: Can I see?

Me: (not sure if I should laugh or groan!)


Ten minutes later after getting a clean shirt for myself...

Elizabeth: Mommy, my poop did not leak out of my panties.

Me: (suddenly very alert) Is there poop in your panties?

Elizabeth: No.

Me: Let's go to the bathroom and check. Right now.

One minute later...

Me: Elizabeth, there is poop in your panties.

Elizabeth: I know, isn't it funny!?!

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Emily said...

That is hilarious.... thanks for the laugh!