Thursday, December 13, 2007

Eric's side of the story

So, after posting about our Christmas tree adventure yesterday, I had Eric read what I had written. He likes to read posts about himself. :) After reading it he said, "That's not what happened at all." So, here's Eric's side of the story:

So there is a crack in the base. Well I can’t do anything about it, the base is broken. What was that – duct tape? No… So I cruise out to the garage and take stock of a few materials I have on hand. I head back into the house and they are actually still putting ornaments on the tree with a broken base. So as I speed through the living room I say, “Don’t worry about it. Leave it alone.” Of course, I’ll solve the problem. So I’m half way though building a new base and she comes in tells me that the tree fell on Jonathan.

“Is he hurt?”


So of course I have to go look.

“Were you messing with it?”

“No, we actually just put the last ornament on when it fell.”


Now you have the full story. The full, conflicting story. I don't remember him saying, "Leave it alone", at all. My excuse is that there must have been a child screaming or crying or hitting his sister or something at that moment and that is why I didn't hear it. I'm pleading the Mommy Defense.

By the way, Eric likes to act like a tough, confident Mr. Fix It, but he's really a big softie!