Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Martha, you let me down

Making sugar cut out cookies is a tradition at Christmas time. I absolutely loved making and decorating them as a kid, so I wanted to continue the tradition with my own children. I was sure that I had made my mother's recipe before, but when we were going to make them on Sunday, I couldn't find the recipe anywhere. No problem, I thought. I'll just turn to this great new cookbook that Eric got me as a birthday gift.
The biscuit recipe is amazing and the apple pie was pretty good (though I totally screwed up the crust, it was my first attempt at making my own crust). But, the sugar cookies did not turn out well at all!
As they baked, the dough spread out very thin so the cookies turned out all deformed looking and you can hardly tell what shape they are supposed to be. The cookies in the above picture are supposed to be (from l to r) a Christmas tree, a bell, and a gingerbread man. I thought that I followed the recipe to a "T". But, the pictures of Martha's cookies in her book are beautiful, and mine are, well, ugly.

Does anyone know what I did wrong? Help!


Emily said...

No idea, but I would guess too much butter. Just a guess. I want to get Rose Levy Beranbaum's cookie book. I swear by her stuff. For Thanksgiving I made some pies from her Pie and Pastry Bible and they were the best I ever had (and 100% white flour.... right after writing a post about whole wheat. sigh. Oh well). Her pie crust is to die for. Anyway, I SWEAR by her books. She treats cooking like a science and it results in perfect results - every time.
Just what you needed.... more books to buy!:)
Anyway.... who cares what they look like.... do they taste good?

Colleen said...

I always love an excuse to buy another book, I'll have to check that one out. They do taste okay, but they are a little too thin and crisp for my taste. I was thinking of giving them to the neighbors as Christmas gifts, but they are just too ugly. Oh well, I guess now I have the perfect excuse to bake some other cookies. :)

Tracy said...

My cookies turned out even worse, so don't feel bad, yours look way, way better. Thankfully, my kids will gobble them up no matter how crazy they turn out... oh.. I will gobble them up too, ha!

Jen said...

Not sure what went wrong, but sorry they didn't turn out. :-(

Emily said...

Oh, let me add.... I am recommending a book I don't own (cookie book) and I have heard people complain that there is nothing special about the cookie book, whereas her other books are stellar. But it is $10 and I am still going to get it one of these days.

Lillian said...

Honestly, I go to the store and buy the package for sugar cookies from Betty Crocker. My cut out cookies turn out stupendous!!

I'm no Martha Stewart! LOL!