Thursday, July 10, 2008

Picture of the Day: Silly girl!


Jill said...

I really related to your post on housekeeping, and would love to chat more about it sometime. I love your posts on what you have learned about yourself. I am still shoving piles of clutter out of the way for my photos and pretending I'm organized. ;) Ok, sort of kidding, but I know I could improve in many ways. Yesterday I spend WAY too long looking for stamps and yelled at myself of how very inefficient my use of time was when I could have just been better organized in the first place! Anyway, much more to say on the topic. I'll have to e-mail you when I get some time (I'm tending to a little boy with Roseola this week so it's been hard to yap as much as I would like...probably a good thing...).
Hope you had a great weekend.

Colleen said...

I'd love to talk about housekeeping more with you. It's obviously been at the front of my brain for a while. It's funny, I always pictured you as an organized and on-top-of-the-housework-all-the-time type of mom. It makes me feel better to know that you struggle, too.

I hope Henry is better very soon! He's in my prayers (as well are you!).