Friday, July 18, 2008


That's Elizabeth's word for the wrestling/tickling/jumping/pillow fighting/rolling on the floor/craziness that the kids do with their daddy. Elizabeth says, "Daddy, can we tuggle?" and off they go. They clear a big space on the living room floor and then all four of them get after it. Even the dog jumps in sometimes.

It's a blur of motion, very noisy and apparently, lots of fun. I wouldn't know, I make a point of just being an observer of the chaos.

Um, Eric? (squeals and laughter) I think you need to help the baby. (yelling and grunts) Eric? Can you hear me? (no response, more squeals) ERIC! GRAB THE BABY!

OK, sometimes I do freak out a bit and cringe and hide my eyes, but somehow no one has gotten hurt yet. And, despite the look on Eric's face, he's actually enjoying himself.

He would never pass up an opportunity for a good tuggle.


Christine said...

This looks like so much fun, and the second picture (where Gustin is upside-down), wow, I'd be saying grab the baby too! I'm loving all of your posts since you've been back!

Jill said...

A totally familiar scene in our house...except baby Henry has not had the courage to join in yet. He just sits and stares and them and sometimes claps for them. From the looks of those wild photos, I think I'm glad Henry is not in on the action yet. :) Great photos!

Tuggle is an adorable word!!

Lillian said...

How fun! What a great daddy Eric is! Our babies like to join in the fun, too!! I sometimes have to leave the room for the same reasons .... and nobody has gotten hurt, either!