Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Can you interpret a 2 year old?

Here are some of my favorite Gustinisms. Can you figure out what they mean? Answers in the comments!

day doo
aw-poo doss
ah-oh-nee teez
doh-see dore

And this is my favorite:


Colleen said...

Zuh-sin = Gustin
tars = cars
day doo = thank you
aw-poo doss = apple sauce
oh-urt = yogurt
ah-oh-nee teez = macaroni and cheese
doh-see dore = grocery store

And my fave:
haw-poo-tah-ter = helicopter

Lael said...

Oh how cute! You'll be so glad you documented these. I just love 2 year olds.

Shannon said...

as a speech pathologist, I'm glad I got most of those!!! phew!

Colleen said...

Shannon - Wow you are really good if you figured those out!