Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A wider angle

We made a quick trip to the beach this weekend even though it was a gray, wet day. I love going to the beach at "off" times of the year. The beach was deserted and the sun wasn't beating down relentlessly as is does in summer, but it was still warm enough to be in the water.

I took my camera and my 18-135mm zoom lens. I often forget about the wide angle (18mm) end of this lens. I tend to try to zoom in as close as I can to my subjects. But, it's interesting to see the images I get when I zoom out a bit. It gives a different perspective of the world!

It captures the bigness of God's creation.

It also makes for some fun portraits.

My kids would not look at the camera or smile for this shot, but I still love it. The wide angle exaggerates the size of their feet and the length of Elizabeth's leg, but I think it makes the picture all the more fun.

So, try it when you get a chance. Don't forget to zoom out a get a wider perspective!

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Jill said...

Gustin looks especially adorable in that last photo. What a doll!