Friday, February 5, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 8)


I've been loving watching the new Masterpiece Theater version of Emma on PBS. I haven't been able to watch when it airs on Sunday nights, so I've been catching up online where they have the full episodes. Great entertainment while nursing a one month old!


With the Christmas holidays followed by the birth of a baby, we haven't been eating too healthy around here. My sweet tooth has been over indulged and it's time to reign it in. We've had so much junky food that I'm actually craving fresh fruits and veggies right now. So, my plans for the Superbowl include lots of guacamole, grilled chicken and a fruit salad with fresh berries (I don't care how much the cost in the store right now, I'm buying blackberries! Yum!).


For Clara I finally bought some decent nursing bras. For the other kids, I spent about $12 per bra and the fit/support was definitely in proportion with the price. Not so good. So, this time I got a few Bravado nursing bras and a couple of nursing tanks. They're great! I especially love the tanks with a pair of fun pajama pants for nighttime nursing.


I saw the first signs of spring this week! A few trees are beginning to bud out and I saw some paper whites in bloom. The first week of February seems early even for Texas!


My favorite word of Gustin's right now: fidge-er-fay-ter. Also known as a refrigerator.


My other favorite word of Gustin's: Tare-luh. Also known as his baby sister, Clara.


I just finished a fantastic book, The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. The book is about a search for the truth of the past for a woman named Nell. The book switches between Nell's search for her birth parents, her granddaughter continuing the search 30 years later and the actual events some 60 years earlier. The story is absolutely fascinating, the writing superb and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey across 100 years and two different continents. I loved, loved, loved this book and it is definitely one that I will read again.

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Gae said...

Dear Colleen,
Would you believe that it is only with our 11th child I have bought good maternity bra's. It was a forced decison because the one I have used for years I couldn't get any more and so I was forced to buy expensive ones.
I will say they are so much better though.
I am looking forward to Autumn here. I love Autumn and Winter. These are my favourite months of the year.
I have enjoyed visiting and your quick takes.


Lael said...

I just bought some blackberries on Wednesday - they weren't nearly as pricey as raspberries. and I'm going to find that book, I need to start reading more and that sounds great. Have a great weekend!

Christine said...

I love bravado too, and I love how you always share what good books you're reading. That one sounds like a winner.

bfarmmom said...

I didn't know you could watch Emma online. I will have to look into that. I love Emma, it is one of my favorites. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Your children are beautiful. Lovely blog.

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