Friday, February 19, 2010

7 weeks old!

I'm still figuring out where the good light is in this house. By "good light" I mean those sweet spots where the natural light is soft but bright enough that flash isn't necessary.

I found some good light yesterday. This was taken during a diaper change as Clara laid on the changing table. Not bad, huh?


Shannon said...

i'm not sure I"ve ever seen such a beautiful baby!!

Jill said...

She is a DOLL!!

By the way when you have a chance would you e-mail me the info on your camera and the different photography websites you frequent?

Photography has always been a hobby of mine. My dream job (after mother) was to become a photojournalist for Life Magazine. I have collected many of thier Clasic Photograph books and love them.
Anyway, I have never had a great camera...but, the one I have is going downhill. So, I am planning to get a decent camera when we're back in the US. (So, you have at least four months to e-mail pressure!)

Anyway, hope you are doing well!!

Jill said...

By the way, I use the term hobby loosely...
I just mean that I have always loved it. Back in high school I entered one of my photos of a rainbow into the local paper's photo contest and won free movie tickets. I was thrilled. :) So, that's the level of my 'hobby.'
After I read my comment it sounded sort of stuck-up for some reason.

Colleen said...

Jill, you're so funny, you didn't sound stuck-up at all. And, you don't know how excited I am that you asked. I love talking photography so you're probably going to get more information that you could possibly want! Be looking for an email soon!

lauraelizabeth said...

This is such a wonderful picture and your little daughter is very beautiful! Good luck on finding the "good light" in your house. lol I'm sure you will find it!

Check out my blog if you get a chance:

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Cozz jewels said...

I was just crossing through blogs on the net when i stumbled on yours.
I just loved all your beautiful photo's.
Me and my husband were married for 8 years on the 27th of march so it was nice to see your sweet comments. Memory lane love it.
Great photo's and lovely life stories...

big huggs