Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Over the past week or two I saw several other bloggers recommend the book UnPlanned by Abby Johnson. I was drawn to the book because of her amazing story (she was the director of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and had an amazing conversion and is now pro-life) and because her amazing story happened in the Bryan/College Station area, home to Texas A&M, my alma mater. I even recognized some of the names in the book because they were active at my church while I was at school. But, what finally pushed me to buy the book (I've never actually read a memoir before so I don't usually buy that genre) was that I wanted to put my money where my mouth is and to support the pro-life cause. Buying the book right now will help it get on the bestseller lists, giving her story even more attention.

So, I bought the book on my kindle on Friday and I could not put it down! Well, actually, I had to put it down over and over again (such is the life of a mother), but every chance I got I picked it right back up. I finished it yesterday. Wow! What an amazing story of the power of love and forgiveness! She also writes very honestly about why she was pro-choice, about what the pro-choice and pro-life people she met were really like (neither side was all good or all bad), and how ultimately love from both friends and strangers transformed her. The stories she tells of her years in the abortion clinic are gut-wrenching and real and at times they were hard to read. But, her story is also full of hope and proves that the love and prayers of those faithful to protecting life truly are effective.

I loved this book! Ask Eric. I haven't stopped babbling about it all week. I think I just about retold the entire book to him in bits and pieces because I just couldn't stop talking about it!

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