Wednesday, January 12, 2011

These pictures were taken last Saturday

Yes, it was warm enough for the kids to be barefoot and for Clara to be out in only her diaper, though not for long. 

2011 01 12_1317_edited-1

Today the high temperature barely made it into the 40s. That's the way the weather is in southeast Texas. Up and down. After living here for 10 years, it still amazes me.

2011 01 12_1307_edited-1

Eric top-seeded our lawn with rye grass so portions of our lawn where it actually came up are a nice, bright, spring green right now; a perfect background for snapping a few pictures.

2011 01 12_1282_edited-1

One of my resolutions this year is to take and share more pictures. There were times last year when I went for weeks, almost months, without picking up my camera. I don't feel like I really grew much with my photography. Being stagnant is no fun. But, it was what needed to be done for the good of my family.

Things are getting a little more under control now so I'm trying to get a bit more balance back into my life. Balance is good.

2011 01 12_1292_edited-1

I'm also trying to blog more. So, I'll probably be blogging more pictures since there is only so much time in the day. I hope you don't mind!

I feel like this blog is having a bit of an identity crises. Is it about faith, mothering, photography, books? I guess it's all of the above. Thanks for allowing me to share it all with you!

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veronica said...

I love your blog, Colleen and I wouldn't say your blog has an identity's about you, and what is important to you, and I am so glad you choose to share!