Friday, June 29, 2012

Just the Pics

Is it bad if I write a post where I don't really write anything?

2012 06 24_0462_edited-1

Because, at this moment, I don't have much to say. At least, I don't have much time to say what I would like to say, nor the pictures to go with it. 

Swing away!

So this post is just the pics from a lovely day spent with family, celebrating the birthdays of two adorable nieces.

2012 06 24_0479_edited-1

This amazing swing in my sister-in-law's backyard cried out to me, begging me to set a cute child on it, capture it on film (well, actually, on an SD card) and then show it off to the world (hopefully my little corner of the blogosphere will do). 

The big, big, big swing

And I was happy to oblige.

Swing with flare

Happy swing. Happy Clara. Happy Colleen.


Mellodee said...

Nothing to say??? Silly goose! You just wrote a book on how to make a little girl smile (and a big girl too!)


Colleen said...

Thanks, Mellodee! Your comments are the best!!

Jill said...

LOVE that last one! Baby toes, great sun peeking through the trees, a fun perspective...

That swing really does beg to have a child on it, with a mommy photographing it. So cool.