Monday, January 7, 2008


Gustin is on his seventh day of an awful stomach bug. The doctor said it would last 5 to 7 days, so I'm hopeful that we're near the end. But, the last two days seem to be much worse instead of better. It's been tough trying to keep him from getting dehydrated and my freezer is full with all the extra milk I've had to pump. If you have a minute, will you say a little prayer that he gets better soon? Miraculously, none of the rest of us have caught it.

I'm sending up a few prayers for all the newborns during this cold & flu season. I hope you all stay healthy!


Jill said...

I hope the poor little guy gets better soon! That does not sound like fun for anyone.
By the way, love your new banner photo. So peaceful looking.

Emily said...

How awful! Prayers for the poor little guy! And prayers for you, too.... I know how hard it is for moms to watch their little ones suffering.

Blair said...

Praying for Gustin! And I love the new banner too. I remember spending hours on my own little tree swing as a child. Elizabeth appears so content :)

Colleen said...

Thank you all for your prayers! He's gone for four hours now this morning without throwing up. With the way things have been going, that is a small victory! The next small victory will be a wet diaper. I've never been so hopeful that I'll need to change a diaper soon!

And, thanks for your comments on my new banner photo. I like it, too!

Lillian said...

I pray he gets better soon!! Its tough when they are so little. We must have the same bug here. :-(

Tracy said...

Prayers are sent your way!