Friday, November 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 6)


Gustin is old enough now that his sense of humor is really starting to shine. He purposefully does things to make us laugh. His latest comic invention is a nickname for me; he's taken to calling me "Mom-oh". It cracks me up every time.

"Okay, Mom-oh."
"I know it, Mom-oh."
"Pretty please, Mom-oh?"
"No way, Mom-oh!"

Yes, even the cutely defiant "No way, Mom-oh!" gets me rolling. It's so hard to be stern and to correct misbehavior when inside your laughing you head off!


I've had a cold for most of this week. Luckily no one else in the house is sick and I've thanked God many times that it isn't the flu. But, for me at least, colds seem to be more severe and last about three times as long when I'm pregnant. Has anyone else had the same experience?


I'm so excited that we are getting to take the kids to a local children's production of Alice in Wonderland tonight. It's a musical and the 9 year old daughter of one of our friends is in it. The best part is that tickets cost only $5 each and the theater is only 10 minutes away! We need to do this with the kids more often! I just hope all my coughing and sneezing isn't too much of a disruption...


I've always loved going to plays and musicals and in college I was part of the Opera and Performing Arts Society. Our group sponsored broadway plays, musicals and operas to come to campus and we did all of the ushering, ticket taking, etc. Basically, after doing a small amount of work we got to watch all the shows for free! I saw Les Miserables, Madame Butterfly, Miss Saigon, Damn Yankees and so many other amazing performances. Fun times and good memories!


We found two more live bedbugs in the boys' room this week. They were even so bold as to be out in the open in the daylight! Grrrr.... These defiant little suckers just won't die!!


Who will admit to stealing candy from their kids' halloween stash? *raising hand in the air*


Do you ever find yourself just staring at your children? I do it all the time. Their features are so precious and their skin is so perfect and their expressions are so charming, I just want to take it all in and burn it in my memory forever. I'm so smitten by them! The Good Lord has blessed me so abundantly.

Have a great weekend everyone! And, be sure to click over to Conversion Diary where Jen is hosting 7 Quick Takes Friday!


Lael said...

#1 - cute, cute, cute
#2 - same with me. Pregnant sinus issues are exponentially worse then regular sinus issues.
#4 - I bought OPAS season tickets a couple of times at A&M and loved it! I also had a good friend named Allison that worked with OPAS (but not good enough to know her last name!)
#6 - Yes, as I smack some gum that I stole from someone's bucket, I must raise my hand as well.
Neat post, Colleen!

Elisa said...

Stealing! =)

Texas + bugs = nightmare. I lived at Ft. Hood for 2 years and the kids couldn't go on the grass because of the fire ants. Killed a black widow once and there were generally bugs everywhere! ICK!

I just found your blog today. I love your picture w/ the girl and the geese.