Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Elizabeth's homework

Write one sentence using the word "my".

Elizabeth: My mom is fat.

Affectionately and largely yours (31 weeks, 4 days and counting!),


Jody said...

Too funny! But the 'fat' you are is the kind of fat you want to be - the best kind. :)

Oh and Gustinism's are great. I love the two year old funnies! Lately Asher has been saying "Hear me toot?" and trying hard to do it or when I am carrying him he will say "Feel me toot?" Or "dad says my toots stink." And then let out a forced laugh, which in turn makes me laugh and then he will laugh for real. Two year olds - gotta love 'em!

Colleen said...

Jody - Too funny! Two year olds are the best, aren't they!

Jill said...

That's funny! The teacher knows you're pregnant, right? :) My daughter would probably write that sentence about me even though I'm not pregnant. The other day she had to write a sentence using as many 'br' words as she could. She wrote, "My brothers are brats." :)

I'm thinking of you and your 'fat' belly often!

Colleen said...

Jill - Yes, the teachers know I'm pregnant; they've watched my belly grown all year long. Hopefully Elizabeth's teacher will get a good chuckle over it while she's grading papers. I'm sure teachers can use a good laugh while they are doing such a tedious job!

Aslynn cracks me up! I bet that girl's wit gets her in trouble some days. :) She's a doll!

Anonymous said...
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