Saturday, November 7, 2009

Speaking of Gustin's sense of humor...

Gustin: I want drink that.
Me: No, you can't drink my water because I'm sick.
Gustin: I want sick!
Me: No, you don't want sick. Do you want me to get you some water?
Gustin: No way! I want sick.
Me: No you don't. Sick is yucky.
Gustin: No, not yucky. I like sick.
Me: You silly boy! You don't like sick. Sick is no fun. Do you want some milk?
Gustin: No, I want sick. I like sick. I love sick! I want sick in cup!


Elisa said...

LOL! Sounds like something my son would say.

Jill said...

What a funny guy! Henry is also the 'jokester' of our family. Every time I ask him something he tries to make a joke. I will say, "How's my sweet little boy?" and he will say, "I'm your giant boy!" and laugh. Yesterday I said something about, "my two-year-old" and said, "I'm not two, I'm THREE!" and thought he was SO funny. Two-year-olds are absolutely precious. I love this stage!

I love plays, too. Paul was actually an actor in high school and college. I loved going to his college performances. I think I saw every showing of one of his plays. :) Although, they didn't let me in for free just because I was his girlfriend!
I am hoping that someday he'll find the time to get back into acting via the community theater. It would be so much fun for the kids to watch him onstage.

I hope you feel better soon. I'm thinking a lot about you and the baby. How exciting. Another sweet face for you to stare at in awe...and those newborns are especially gaze-worthy with their cute puckered up faces and expressions. :)