Friday, June 4, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 9)

--- 1 ---

Tuesday was the official first day of summer for my kids and we are definitely going through some adjustments to new schedules and routines. It's already hot!, hot!, hot! here in Texas and we have to limit outside time to first thing in the morning before it gets too sweltering. Anyone have any good indoor activity ideas?

2010 06 01_5958_edited-1

--- 2 ---

For the Memorial Day weekend we spent a relaxing few days at Eric's parents house. One of the highlights of the weekend was going swimming in the Cowhouse Creek. Central Texas has had some nice rain lately, so there was plenty of water for splashing in in the creek. What a great way to spend the day!

2010 06 01_5875_edited-1

2010 06 01_5887_edited-1

2010 06 01_5865_edited-1

Cowhouse creek

2010 06 01_5825_edited-1

--- 3 ---

Hallie Lord featured some headbands/coverings in one of her Fashion Friday posts several months ago that I have fallen in love with. Check out Garland's of Grace's website for beautiful, feminine head coverings. I love mine and I'm thinking about ordering a few more and just wanted to share!

2010 06 03_6185_edited-1

--- 4 ---

Elizabeth's 6th birthday is in less than a month and there is only one thing that I have planned for sure - she will not be having a cake. Instead I will be trying my hands at Bakerella's cake pops. You really must check them out! They are too cute for words and her step-by-step instructions make it look easy (we'll see if that's the reality, though!). Elizabeth picked out these adorable Hello Kitty cake pops. But, I might chicken out and stick with these simpler but just as cute cupcake pops.

--- 5 ---

My current favorite Gustinism: Dat's disdusting! (That's disgusting!)

Cracks me up every time!

--- 6 ---

I just received in the mail my new shark steam mop. I've seen it recommended in several different places in the blogosphere and I really hope it's as easy to use and effective as it seems. I also hope having it will mean that my floors actually get a proper mopping more often then once every six months or so (embarrassing but true!). I'll be sure to report back on it after I've given it a test run!

--- 7 ---

Yesterday Elizabeth came up to me and said, "Some people think the rosary is boring, but I love it. Can we pray it right now?"

Oh! Melt my heart! I sure do love this almost 6 year old!

By the way, we did pray it right then. We did one decade and we did her favorite mystery - the Agony in the Garden. This girl never ceases to surprise me!

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Betty Beguiles said...

Girl! Your photos are knocking my socks off! I am so impressed!

linda said...

goo1 and 2 makes me want to go outside and frolic. beautiful summery photos :)

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Love the self-portrait and #7 is so beautiful! Train them in their youth in the ways they should go...

Have a beautiful (albeit hot?) weekend.

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

As a nanny, here is my fail-safe indoor activity that, with some kids, I swear I've done 30+ times.. we'll make a board game with posterboard, taped-together computer paper or leftover cardboard. Coloring in the spaces takes forever (how wonderful!). We can theme it to a particular movie they're into (ex: Shrek - "You got caught by Lord Farquad, go back 2 spaces.") Or make it educational (ex: move ahead the number of spaces that is five minus three). Sometimes I'm amazed at how into it they are!

Colleen said...

Lady Caitie - Thanks for the fantastic idea! I think my kids will love it!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog by accident, Colleen, and you just seem like such a genuinely lovely young woman who demands so much of herself. You clearly are a wonderful mother. Really enjoyed the posts and pics. RitaB in equally hot Florida (I envied you the creek)