Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's time for a Clara picture update!

She's 5 months old now! She's rolling all over and sucking on her toes and laughing and squealing and bringing so much joy into our lives!

Here's our little Clara Bug a.k.a. Little Bug or The Bug.

2010 05 27_5650_edited-1

I love this shot with Eric holding her feet! It's something he does all the time and it's so sweet to capture one of those everyday moments in a photo.

Safe in Daddy's hands

2010 05 27_5679_edited-1

I can't get enough of the toes!

2010 05 27_5674_edited-1


Allison said...

I love these photos! You take such great shots :)

And she is just so cute! I absolutely adore babies that just have a little bit of fuzz for hair

Colleen said...

Found you from Allison's blog! I just had to check out another Colleen :) And you have 4 kids too - very cool!

Shannon said...


veronica said...

what a cutie, Colleen! I can't believe you call her your little bug...could you email me your number so I can give you a call about a "bug" problem we may be having..I seem to recall you guys having one!! Thanks!

Jill said...


I have the baby 'bug' so bad!
(Seeing little Clara doesn't help!!)