Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blackberry picking

Why didn't we do this along time ago?

Growing up in dry West Texas, I only read about people going berry picking in books. The climate simply was not hospitable to berries of any kind. I do remember one time when I was little and we helped my grandmother pick prickly pear fruit for making jelly, but that's a very different experience. We had to use long tongs to pick the fruit to avoid getting stabbed by thorns!

2010 06 19_6634_edited-1

So when we decided to go blackberry picking Saturday morning, it was like a fairytale for me. Even the intense Southeast Texas heat couldn't dampen my spirits! If it hadn't been so hot for the kids, I could have spent hours there just snacking on berries and snapping pictures.

2010 06 19_6630_edited-1

Though we're nearing the end of blackberry season, the bushes were still loaded with plenty of fruit for little fingers to pluck.

2010 06 19_6631_edited-1

2010 06 19_6662_edited-1

Clara hung out in the shade of her stroller.

2010 06 19_6653_edited-1

Even though you can't see her face in this photo, you can tell she is awake and happy because her feet are up in the air. The only time those feet stop moving is when she is asleep!

Jonathan and Elizabeth were on a mission to find the biggest berries.

2010 06 19_6671_edited-1

2010 06 19_6672_edited-1

Look how big and plump some of them got! Can you say, "Yum!"?

The rows of blackberry bushes were edged with huge beds of gorgeous zinnias. Apparently butterflies love zinnias as much as I do because there were dozens of them flitting about. Photographer heaven!

A beautiful day

We ended up picking about 15 pounds of berries which we ate fresh, froze, and made into a blackberry crisp and blackberry jam. We're going to be enjoying these berries for a long time to come!


Lael said...

Yes - I agree - That sounds like a fairy tale to someone reading about this from the very dry south plains. Those look so yummy!

Christine said...

That sounds like so much fun and delicious too!

Jill said...

What a lovely day.
The funny thing after blackberry picking is all of the blue tongues. :)

GML said...

Those look delicious.

There is something about "family" pictures that gets me all the time. Especially those with happy kids in them!