Sunday, June 13, 2010

A small prayer request *updated*

Update -
Thank you so much for all your prayers! Clara ran a fever all day and was fussy but she never once got sick to her stomach. After how sick my oldest two got with this same bug, I call that a definite miracle! I had so many fears about her getting sick and not a single one came true. Thank you, thank you for the prayers!


We've had a stomach virus going through our house this week. Both Jonathan and Elizabeth have succumbed to it and Jonathan was really, really sick for a while. We've tried so hard to protect Clara from it, but she started getting sick this morning. Will you please pray for her that her illness is mild and brief? Both Gustin and Elizabeth got stomach viruses as infants and got so ill that they had to be hospitalized. I'm really worried that Clara will get really sick, too. Thank you so much for any prayers you can send our way!

And, I can't write a post without including a picture, so here's a shot of our cute Little Bug from a couple of days ago.

2010 06 13_6408_edited-1


Christine said...

Will difinitely be praying for you! What a cute picture!

Mellodee said...

I think I am seriously in love with your daughter!! What a wonderful expression! I hope her bout with a sick tummy is quick and not serious at all!

Blair said...

Praying for sweet Clara! ADORABLE picture!!!

Jill said...

Oh, your poor family! The tummy bug hit us last month but only Henry and I took the fall miraculously.
It's so hard when those babies get sick. :(
Prayers for you.

And good luck in the next couple of weeks with Gustin. Are you going to carry a toilet with you to the park? ;)