Friday, July 9, 2010

Family portraits

I have a friend that I knew in college that I recently caught up with on Facebook. This friend is a math teacher who also has a photography business on the side. She saw some of my pictures on Facebook and then asked my if I'd like to do a photography services swap; she'd shoot my family and I'd shoot hers and then we'd swap the files. Lucky me, we got our family portraits done first and I got the files this week. It sure is nice to have friends that happen to be fantastic photographers. I just have to share some of the great shots that she took.




Eric will just stare at the above photo and say, "Wow, we've got a lot of kids." Of course, he's fully aware of how many we have, but somehow looking at a picture full of people and realizing they're all yours kind of puts a different spin on it.



I love these brothers and sisters shots. I'll treasure them for a long time!

Today I scheduled the date with my friend to return the favor, to do a photoshoot of her family. I am so nervous! I just don't know if I can deliver the same quality that she gave us since I've never done family portraits before. I did learn a ton just by watching her work, though. I always find it so interesting to watch people who are good at what they do whether it's photography or hair cutting or painting or cooking or whatever. Do you know what I mean?

Have a great weekend!


Beth M. said...

I love the new look on your blog and the new portraits are wonderful - and I mean all of them. The ones you took are just as great as the ones your friend took. You could definitely start your own photography business some day (when you have a little more time LOL!) You have a beautiful family.
Beth M.

Not a farm wife said...

I came across your blog randomly and I have to say that I do love the pictures of your family. They are beautiful.

Colleen said...

Thank you for such a kind comment Beth! You are a sweetheart!