Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Kids' Portraits

We've been through another round of birthdays so it was time for me to update our kids' portraits. I had so much fun doing my own portraits last year, but this time around I did it a little simpler. I let the kids pick out their own clothes (I'm working hard at letting go and trying to keep things simple, so I promised not to stress about the wardrobe!) and we headed to a local park for a quick shoot. A photographer friend of mine did our family portraits a couple of weeks ago at the same park (I'll be posting those soon!) and I thought it was such a lovely place.

So, these pictures will soon be hanging on my living room walls:

6 month old Clara

My little sweetheart

3 year old Augustine (Yes, the only decent picture was the one with a cap gun in his hand!)

2010 07 04_7402_edited-1

6 year old Elizabeth (Her birthday was last week and I never got a blog post done about it.)

2010 07 04_7409_edited-1

8 year old Jonathan

2010 07 04_7418_edited-1

I've been a little light on blogging and commenting lately, but my responsibilities of being a wife and mother are consuming almost all of my waking hours these days. I love being a mom, but I do hope the craziness calms down a bit soon. The oldest two have vacation bible school next week and after that we have a trip to a Texas lake with Eric's family. I'm really looking forward to the R&R!

God bless you! You're in my prayers!


Mellodee said...

Great photos (even with the cap gun!). You have beautiful children, but Clara is in a class by herself! She may be the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. Gorgeous.

Colleen said...

Thank you, Mellodee! You are too sweet!

Blair said...

Amazing photos, Colleen! I would love to get some pointers from you one of these days! I desperately need to learn to use this camera!

Christine said...

These are all great! I like the cap gun, in the sense that it's playful and brings out personality, just like the different poses of the other kiddos. I also LOVE the new banner.

Hope things settle down for you soon, and you have a relaxing vacation.

Colleen said...

Blair, I'd love to help in any way I can. Seriously! To be able to share my photography knowledge and have a conversation with another adult would make my day. We should get together!