Sunday, August 1, 2010

Catching up #4: Miss Clara

Clara reached another milestone last week.

2010 07 30_8038_edited-2

She got her first tooth!

See, you can see it... right...

2010 07 30_8038_edited-1

... there!

She's the first of my children to get a first tooth on top. In fact, I think she'll have 4 top teeth before she ever gets a bottom one. The next three top ones are all lined up and ready to make their debut any day now.

Something else about Little Miss Clara - I think she may be our very first extrovert.

2010 07 30_8063_edited-1

This little girl absolutely adores attention and constantly smiles at and flirts with anyone who will look her way.

2010 07 30_8067_edited-1

She also loves to make us laugh. She will sit and wait for someone to look at her and then as soon as they do, she will do something to try to make them laugh. If she succeeds, she'll continue doing her act for as long as she has an audience. She has quite of collection of different squeals at her disposal as well as her daddy's favorite: the cat sneeze. I wish I could catch it on video because it is too funny. She makes a sound that is exactly like a cat sneezing and it always cracks us up. I think she could go on for hours!

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Allison said...

Clara is just too sweet!