Sunday, August 1, 2010

Catching up #3: Birthday Party

Elizabeth's 6th birthday party was last weekend (less than 48 hours after returning from vacation, not the best planning on my part). We kept it simple; a backyard party with sprinklers, kiddie pool, bubbles, water balloons and take out pizza.

2010 07 30_8113_edited-1

All the activities and set up had to be simple, though, because her birthday cake was not.

Elizabeth and I combed through Bakerella's website and she picked Hello Kitty cake pops for her party. They are completely precious but also very tedious and time consuming to make. My attempt is not nearly as neat as Bakerella's, but my six-year-old approved and that's all that matters.

2010 07 30_8155_edited-1
Cake pops in progress.

2010 07 30_8116_edited-1
The finished product.

2010 07 30_8112_edited-1
Aren't they too cute?!

In the end it really was worth all the work. Elizabeth had a fantastic day and so did all her little friends and the smiles on her face were priceless!

2010 07 30_8146_edited-1
Elizabeth and her best friend.

Happy birthday, Sweetie!


Shannon said...

you're seriously talented!!! wow!

your girl is getting so big!

Valerie said...

Great kitty pops!!!!

benilhalk said...

These party planning are amazing in all ways. Heard a lot about party venue in our city and all of them are equally beautiful. Planning to book one for my sister's birthday next month. Big girl is turning 25 and is craving for surprises from all of us. Also ordered a luxury handbag and a jewel piece for her. Hope she feels special.