Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's time to retire

Elizabeth's favorite car, Lightning McQueen, has to retire.
He's been looking a little beat up lately, but that's a minor complaint. Over the last couple of weeks, he has developed a problem with his wheels. They won't turn anymore. How can you properly play with a toy car if it's wheels won't turn? So, Mommy got talked into (more like suckered into) a trip to the store for a new Lightning McQueen.

It was actually a little weird going through the toy aisle at the store. Our kids get soooo many toys from other sources that we rarely buy them any toys ourselves.

And, now to present the new Lightning McQueen.
And, he's actually a real Lightning McQueen. Elizabeth was so excited! I don't think it has left her side over the last two days. We had so much fun picking out the new car. Did you know that there are 8 different Lightning McQueen's? There's the dirt track one, the Radiator Springs one, the traditional one, a bling-bling one (huh?), etc. Also, while we were at the store I threw all caution to the wind and got her a second car as well (I have been known to be a bit of a tight wad). Here's the new Mr. The King.
The was an old Mr. The King at one point, but his wheels stopped working a long time ago and he hasn't been seen in a few months. Poor old Mr. The King, he was once so loved and now he's forgotten and discarded. I thought Elizabeth would still have some love for the old Lightning McQueen after all the time they spent together. But, alas, he's toast, too.

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