Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Elizabeth's Love

I have mentioned before, here and here, that Elizabeth loves cars. They go where ever she goes and do whatever she does. Her favorite car is, of course, the little red one that she named Lightning McQueen. This morning when I asked her if she wanted to wear her pink shirt or her red dress, she said...
"Red dress like Lightning McQueen."

Of course.

After getting dressed (we're in Texas, sundresses are still apropriate, even in October) and fixing her hair, I wanted to take a picture of her with her pretty braids. She would only consent to the picture if her beloved Lightning McQueen could be in it, too.
There he is, the little red speck at the bottom of the picture. (Yes, we still have painter's tape on the floor of the kitchen from this fun day. It will come up when all the painting is done, hopefully before Christmas!) But, apparently, I chose the wrong subject for that picture, so I was instructed to try again.
Oops. Nope, still not good enough. Try again, Mommy.
Aaahh, that's better. But, don't forget the other side.
This is actually his best side.
But, we can't forget this one.
Note: Each of these photos was lovingly composed and directed by Miss Elizabeth, herself. You are all allowed to look at Lightning McQueen as much as you want, but please don't touch.

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Hosanna said...

Hello, im a mother from mexico. tamaulipas exactly. My little girl is a huge fan to lightning mc queen, she have 2 years old, the next month is the birthday party and course she wants a cars party... looking on internet for a dress or something for her about mc queen i found his picture to your girl.. Shes cute. congratulations.
LIGHTNING MC QUEEN ROCKS!!!! hahaha bye bye