Monday, August 13, 2007

Bad dreams and fast cars

Elizabeth has been having a lot of bad dreams lately. She wakes up in the night crying hysterically and comes running to our room to be comforted by Daddy (I usually have Gustin with me). Last night was one of the worst we've had; she was in our room three separate times and finally fell asleep between Eric and me. The picture above is the peaceful little face that I woke up to this morning. But, wait. Notice that there is something else in the picture. It's Elizabeth's favorite car (she's all about cars these days, all her babies are being neglected) that is named Lightning McQueen (of course, after all, it is red). Even in her screaming hysteria after being awoken by a particularly terrifying dream, she didn't forget to grab her favorite toy before sprinting to our room as fast as her three year old legs would carry her. Priorites, people, priorities.

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