Thursday, August 9, 2007

Where the Green Grass Grows

Okay, so I stole my title from Tim McGraw, but, for me, it really communicates what I want this blog to be about. I've been a stay at home mom for more than five years now and recently gave birth to my third child. We live in a suburb of a very large city but I'd much rather be living outside a small town on a few acres where I can sit and rock quietly on the front porch and watch the wildflowers and green grass grow and let my stress just drain away.

But, at least for now, that is not an option. (Even if we did live in the country, I don't think my three small children would let me just chill quietly on the porch anyway. :) ) So, I'm creating this blog to be a spot where I can mentally relax, unwind, unload, and bring some refreshment to my days. I will write about whatever is on my mind or what will relieve the most stress at the moment. I also am in desperate need of a consistent intellectual and creative outlet. I've even recently been considering doing a little consulting work from home, not for the income, but to exercise my brain cells that seem to have atrophied in the last five years (not that I would want them to have been any different or that I regret my decision to stay at home). To continue to be a good wife and mother, though, I NEED to start making some of my needs a priority. I hope that this blog will help fulfill that need because the idea of doing mechanical engineering work at home with my energetic kids and my tired, foggy brain seems like it would cause as many problems as it would solve!


Lillian said...

Welcome to the world of blogger!! Am I your very first commenter?! Looking forward to visiting often!!

Colleen said...

Thank you for my first comment, Lillian! This is so exciting!!

Lillian said...


To show a quiz on your blog, do the following:

1. Take the quiz!
2. After the quiz they will ask you what kind of code. Check blog.
3. Copy the code in the window.
4. Back at your blog just paste it in a new post. It will show up as a post and PRESTO, done!

Blogging can become addictive!! ;-)

veronica said...

So happy to see you have your own blog...I can completely relate to your desire to live out in the country. We have 25 acres out in Montgomery that we hope to come home to in a couple of years after the Middle East! When we are there you are welcome to rock on the porch swing and we'll just watch the kiddos run out back to their heart's content!

Colleen said...

Veronica, that sounds awesome! It still amazes me that you guys are in the Middle East. That must be a tough transition, but I'm sure you will have all kinds of amazing stories to tell when you get back!