Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More bad dreams?

Elizabeth had another tough night last night. She woke up screaming again and came running into our room. But, last night was different. Eric tried to go lay her down in her bed after a few minutes, like normal, but instead of going back to sleep, Elizabeth started screaming and shaking. She was trembling violently from head to toe. Eric brought her back into our bed and she continued to shake for another half hour. It seemed that she could not snuggle in close enough to her Daddy. My poor little girl!

This morning I went in to wake up Jonathan for school. Suddenly I noticed something that surely was the source of Elizabeth's terror (Jonathan and Elizabeth share a room).

"Eric, come here and listen to this," I called.

Eric came in and heard, scritch scratch, scritch scratch, thump, scratch.

"We have a varmint," he declared.

And I was actually relieved! I was truly glad that we have a "varmint" in our house. Varmints we can fix, terrifying bad dreams, we can't.

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