Friday, August 24, 2007

Poor Elizabeth

She has so many trials in her life. Her bad dreams and encounters with varmints are not her only worries, not with the introduction of automatic flushing potties to her little world.

She has had a few run-ins with in the past that have sometimes ended in tears and others only in a little whimpering. But, during a recent family dinner outing (which doesn't happen very often, especially since the birth of Augustine) she had a particularly bad experience with one of these monstrosities.

Elizabeth is already a little leary of any public toilet because they tend to be very loud when they flush. She usually insists on leaving the stall first before I flush the toilet for her. So, on the above mentioned occasion, it took a little persuading to get her up on the pot, even though she really needed to go. Since it was of the automatic flushing variety, I thought I would just cover the little sensor thingee with my hand so it wouldn't go off while she was still sitting there. But, this was a particularly mean potty so it decided to spontaneously flush anyway. Elizabeth started screaming and jumped off. She was so upset but she hadn't done her business yet and I knew that she really needed to go or we would be dealing with an accident. After lots of comforting, begging, hugging, kissing and promising that it wouldn't flush on her again, I convinced her finally to get back on. But, once again before Elizabeth could relieve herself, the possessed thing went off. Well, that was the end of that. Now we were dealing with absolute hysteria. Even after the initial screaming was over, she continued to wimper and had to be comforted through the rest of the meal (we had not even placed our orders yet before the trip to the bathroom).

Now, any public toilet anywhere is completely out of the question. All because some engineer thought he/she would be clever and invent automatic flushing potties. Engineers... gotta love 'em. Especially since I'm one, and so is Eric, and oh yeah, so is my brother, and my sister-in-law, and my best friend's husband, and my other friend's husband and almost all my friends from college...

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