Saturday, August 25, 2007

Jonathan's Prayer

Jonathan has been all about the short prayers lately. And, appartently, not even the Glory Be, Angel of God, or Now I Lay Me are short enough because he was forced to come up with his own that is even shorter. Here it is...

Everyone has done everything.

That's it. Four whole words. I don't know where he came up with it, but he certainly hasn't forgotten it. He thinks it is sufficient for any situation: before a meal, before going to bed, etc.

So after he had been adding this prayer to all of our family prayer times for about a week, I started to think about what it could actually mean. And, I've decided that my five year old is pretty wise or his guardian angel is giving him a little nudge. Wouldn't it be wonderful if at the end of the day, "everyone has done everything" that God wanted them to do that day? What a wonderful world we would live in! It's the perfect prayer because it covers all the bases. If Jonathan's simple prayer could be true, then there would be no more sin in the world.

I think I'm going to pray his prayer as well. And, I'm going to start working on making it true, beginning with myself by striving even harder to do God's will all day, every day.

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Blair said...

What a great prayer, Jonathan! I was thinking on how it could also be a prayer for the souls of the faithful departed, they have done we entrust them to the mercy of God. And the saints, they have really done everything :) Have a great Monday!