Sunday, August 12, 2007

Poop Phobe

As in someone who has a phobia for or fear of poop. That describes my husband. Well, that's not completely fair. He does a great job of changing diapers or cleaning up after the dog. No, his fear is a very specific one. He only freaks out when it involves breastfed baby poop that has leaked out of a diaper onto his hand, shirt, arm, pants, etc. Then my farm-raised, tough, country boy husband absolutely freaks out and almost throws the said leaky-diaper baby at me as he sprints to the closest decontamination zone.

Now me, I frequently go all day long with yellow breastfed baby poop stains on my clothing and poop on my hands, arms, etc. rarely elicits more than a sigh. It's a good thing that men are not mothers!


Emily said...

Hey, another Aggie! I mosied on over from Lillian's blog to see if I knew you. When were you at A&M? I'm class of '99 (whooooooooooooooooop), as is my husband. Love your blog!
And be thankful your husband can take everything BUT breastfed poop. Mine can't take anything poopy at all! Quite a handicap, in my opinion.

Colleen said...

I'm class of '00 and Eric is class of '97 (but he graduated in 2000). Eric went through RCIA at St. Mary's and came into the church at the Easter vigil in '99. We both were involved a lot with RCIA after that. I'm sure you and I probably passed each other in the student center often!

Emily said...

Hmmmmm... I totally don't remember you. That's strange! My husband (went by Mitch) was very involved in RCIA. He came in to the Church at the Easter Vigil in '96. I'll have to see if he recognizes you guys.
Anyway, love your blog! You have a beautiful family!