Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Playing restaurant

We had fun today at lunch. Since Augustine was actually sleeping when lunch time rolled around, I had two free hands. So, I decided to give in to the kids' request to "play restaurant". They recently did this while a friend of mine was watching them and they loved it.

First, I take their orders. I was quickly corrected by Jonathan when I tried to take his order without writing it down on a notepad. The menu is limited (it's determined by Mommy) but they are able to customize.

Jonathan requested a clementine, shredded ham and triangle cheese. Elizabeth wanted rolled up ham, a clementine, square cheese, and tomato slices. The tomato was not on the original menu but Elizabeth saw the last one of the year from our garden on the counter and requested it. Since she loves tomatoes so much (way more than any sweets) and it's healthy, I was happy to oblige.

At the end of lunch time, both plates were clean, there had been no complaining, and no one had had to be reminded to stop playing and eat! It was great! This won't be an everyday thing, but I will definitely use this succesful lunch technique again the the future. We mommies need an arsenal of such ideas to draw on when the going gets tough!

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