Monday, August 27, 2007

There are no sick days...

... for stay-at-home moms. No, you just have to persevere through the alternating hot flashes and chills, through the headaches and fatigue.

And, you are so proud of your 3 year old little girl who entertains herself quietly so that you can rest. And, you thank God when miraculously the 3 year old and the 3 month old simultaneously take a two hour nap because that means you get a two hour nap, too (and boy did you need it!). And, you thank your guardian angel who nudged you awake just in time to go pick up your five year old from school.

Also, this particular cold reminds you of a question that you've always had. Can you offer up suffering for an intention after the suffering is all over? Because otherwise all the good suffering that went on today may have gone to waste because it's so easy to forget to offer it up when your head is aching and your brain is asleep!


Blair said...

Praying for your speedy recovery, Colleen!

Lillian said...

Hmmm .... good question. I once heard a sister say that if you remember to do your morning offering, everything you do that day has been offered up. I don't know that you can retroactively apply your suffering to anyone. But doing a morning offering, in essence, offers up everything you do that day.

Another reason to remember to do your morning offering (which I forget to do too often).